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Your Words Are Powerful

Spiritual attacks are all around us. Most of us are more than aware that the enemy has set landmines for us that we have failed to negotiate and too often we have ended up falling prey to his tactics. When we pray, do we expect God to intervene? Are we able to see into the Spirit to know just how much He wants to bless us, protect us, provide for us, how much He loves us? It seems that we often allow our thoughts to lead us astray, believing more in the enemy’s power to enslave us than in God’s power to deliver us. As we succumb to the lies of the enemy, we begin to speak out words of death, destruction, sickness, and weakness instead of life, liberty, health and strength.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:21 that the power of life and death are in the tongue. As I have been meditating on the power of our words and the faith we exercise as we speak them, I have been led to a few teachings on that subject that I have actually heard before but this revelation hadn’t come to me as it has more recently. I heard Perry Stone, a well-known teacher of Biblical prophecy, speak on the power of our faith-filled words of blessing in a past television broadcast. He was reporting on documented evidence from Dr. David Van Koevering, a noted scientist who holds many patents for his discoveries, regarding his research on how our words affect our environment. He had microscopic evidence that our words of blessing and cursing produce very different results in the molecular structure of water. When blessed, a water molecule looks much like a snowflake with exact and beautiful dimensions. When cursed, it is misshapen and shows patterns of confusion and brokenness.

Dr. Van Koevering had also done experiments on rice. He had cooked a pot of rice, divided it into two jars, did not speak over them, but wrote words of love and affirmation over one jar and words of hatred and death over the other. After 85 days, the first jar still looked to be fresh and edible. The second was black and moldy. The impact of this hit me as if I’d heard it for the first time. Even the words we think have an effect because of the spirit behind them. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

I have followed this teaching of watching my words for years and have understood the power of my words regarding my health, my family, finances and provision, etc. I speak regularly to the 125 billion cells in my body to be restored back to their original capacity and function, muscles and ligaments to go back to their normal length and strength, and for health to be restored and apparent in every part of my physical body. I speak over my food to bless it with nourishment, that the Lord will take all sickness and disease far away from me. However, I caught an additional revelation which in turn has opened up a few other windows of revelation. I am excited to share some of this with you.

It is important for us to pray and speak blessing over every area of our lives and we often believe we are ‘covering all the bases,’ however; many still live in fear regarding certain areas. There has been much publicity in recent years that our food and water supply is being compromised, genetically-engineered, chemically-altered and, overall, used for the destruction of our health, which it is. We are prompted to buy organic products, as often as possible, which are advertised to ensure our good health. This is good, in that we need to be buying and eating responsibly to properly fuel our bodies. In truth, however, all of our food supply in this fallen world is tainted. It is why it is so important to bless our food before we eat it. Blessing our food should not just be limited to thanking the Lord for His provision, though, that is an important step. It is also to ask God to heal our food and water.

I believe that our words of faith and blessing can and will genetically restore our food back to its original state to be utilized by our bodies as it was originally intended IF we will pray, seeking God to restore health into that food. We should bless our water, our coffee, and other beverages and command them to be life-giving and health-filled for our bodies, that all harmful chemicals would be removed, in Jesus’ name. If any are taking medications or if any have received medications through medical treatment, pray over those medications that they do only what they were designed to do and cast out all side effects, in Jesus’ name. Pray over the baby’s formula and finger foods. We should not put one thing into our mouths that we have not sought the Lord’s blessing over. If we garden, we can and should bless the seeds as we plant them, speaking restoration and healing of genetic codes within the seeds to produce as God intended. We have been ‘redeemed from the curse of the law of sin and death’ and we need to think like it, we need to speak like it and we need to act like it.

I believe that God wants us to speak to this mountain of genetically-engineered foods in our homes to be removed and be cast into the sea. Matthew 21:21 I believe He is directing us to deeper understanding of the authority we have as believers to affect every area of our lives, even our food and water supply, through what Jesus Christ has done for us. It is a part of what He is teaching us regarding taking dominion in this earth. He wants to bring restoration into our lives and He has promised to guard us and keep us even in the midst of turmoil.

More recently, as I have observed the skies and have seen that they are becoming a dumping ground for chemical spraying of the populace, I asked the Lord what we should do about that. He told me to start speaking cleansing to the air and to the environment around me, around my family and around God’s people as a whole. I also speak cleansing to the electromagnetic frequencies coming from cell phones, televisions, computers and other electrical appliances as well as towers and power plants in our communities. I rebuke any adverse effects to our bodies, in Jesus’ name.  We have been given dominion and with that comes the assignment to enforce it.  

Even if we blow it and something slips by, scripture says in Mark 16:17-18, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name…… if they (eat) drink any deadly thing, it shall not harm them……..” Notice that Jesus does not say that these signs might follow them that believe nor does it say that maybe some things won’t harm us. No, He tells us that these signs shall follow us that believe and that if we eat or drink any deadly thing it shall not harm us.   It is what He WILL do for us, if we believe and boldly declare in Jesus’ mighty name. The Lord has put His stamp and seal upon it for us. “For it is not by might, not by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” Zech. 4:6 It is His desire that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17 “His promises are ‘Yes!’ and ‘Amen!’” 2 Cor. 1:20

As this has done for me, I pray that it will take you from revelation to revelation as He leads you toward greater wholeness in Him. Our faith should not reside in what the enemy will do against us but in what God has promised to do for us.  I pray that it will bring great comfort to your soul as you think, speak, and act according to His Word which is His Will for you. His truth is ALL truth. We are not left powerless in this world. We have been granted the privilege and the right, as joint heirs with Jesus Christ, to call upon the power of Almighty God, Our Father, Creator of the Universe to keep us, to protect us, to heal us, to provide for us. Glory to God! There is nothing that He won’t do for us, His children, because He loves us. Be blessed, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Risen One!

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Understanding and Helping Those Who Are Grieving

Several family members and friends have passed away in recent days and months and I have watched as the individuals left behind have dealt with their grief. I have been aware once again that we, as the body of Christ, don’t really have much understanding about how to help those who are in the midst of grief and we are ill-equipped to stand in this area of service. There are some commonalities but each journey is a very individual one and a very solitary one. Since we have all experienced grief at some time in our lives, you’d think we would have a greater compassion when we see it happen to someone else. We forget too easily what it was like.

When I became a widow, many things were said to me that were very inappropriate. They may have been well-intentioned but were so deeply hurtful that I wrote about the things you should never say to someone who is grieving. I have shared it with others, particularly widows. They understand every bit of this. Parents who have lost children also understand. The loss of a spouse and the loss of a young child will affect every single activity and every single decision you will make for a very long time. While every grief is painful, others do not bring such a drastic change to your life.

The grief of losing your spouse is different than any other type of grief. The Lord has shown me that this is because of the one flesh union. It is a mystery in life and it is a mystery in death. There is a ripping apart of the one flesh and for me it was spiritually, emotionally and even physically painful, the most painful thing I have ever endured.

We honestly must realize that many of the things we say to try to cheer the grieving person sound just awful and are often offensive to the one that is hurting. It shows our ignorance in how to truly help them. I have been there, too, and have said many of the trite things we all say thinking that saying anything is better than nothing.  I have spoken when I should have just shut my mouth. This is also not the time to preach to them about their attitude or tell them that they just need to trust God or have more faith. As much as that may be true, I have found it is actually best to say very little. Just be there to listen and to cry along with them. Saying things like I am sorry and I understand, only if you do, are all that is necessary. The rest only hurts beyond your comprehension. It is seen as more cruelty being heaped on the one who has already been dealt the cruelest blow life has to offer.

I would like to share my thoughts regarding things not to say to help you to better understand the frame of mind in which the grieving person is living. It is my prayer that this will help you to truly minister to the one who is devastated by the loss of a loved one.

  1. Do not say “it will get better” or “it will be better.” To the grieving person, nothing in their life will ever be better without their loved one. Life will never be the same. It will just go on. It is beyond their comprehension and their level of acceptance to believe that life will ever have meaning again let alone be better. It will merely be an existence. In truth, their life will not be better, it will just be different. That doesn’t mean that joy will not enter their life again at some point but they are not able to receive it now. Don’t try to rush this. You will only come up against a strong and often angry resistance.   It is best to stay quiet.
  1. Do not say “God must have needed him/her,” or “God wanted another angel” or “it was God’s will.” This is actually incorrect theology and it makes absolutely no sense to the one who is grieving. They are the ones who need their loved one. They are already questioning God regarding what seems like the ultimate cruelty to allow the one they needed so much in their life to be taken away. Any reference to this will only serve to drive them away from the One who can offer the greatest comfort. Understand that not everything that happens to us is God’s will. It is, rather, for one reason or another, what God allows. Please hear me. This Is Not Comforting! Keep your mouth quiet. Additionally, absolutely do not ever, ever, ever say that God needed their loved one more than they did.
  1. Do not say “God has another plan for you.” This is not the time to be able to receive that nor may it ever be received. Why was God’s plan to keep them together with their loved one not a good enough plan? Realize that the grieving person most likely is still dealing with the denial stage of their grief and may be for a very long time. Anything you say takes their loved one further and further away from them. It will only incite anger toward you. Above all, never tell a widow they’ll be able to marry again or a mother that she’ll have or even now has other children. People are not replaceable. This comment could get you a Mt. Vesuvius kind of reaction. It is best to keep your mouth shut.
  1. Do not say “but we need you here” or “you don’t mean that” when you hear the grieving person say they wish to die. It does not mean they are suicidal. It just means that they cannot think about another day here without their loved one much less a month, a year and certainly not years. It’s not that they don’t love the rest of their family and friends; it’s just that the grief is so strong, the sense of loss is so great and the misery is so overwhelming that all they can think about is escape and being reunited with the one they have lost, the one their heart longs for. It is not a part of their thinking right now to consider others here in this life. That will come later but it does not help in the present to hear about it. Once again, keep your mouth quiet. Most of this kind of talk is really just venting.
  1. Do not ask the grieving person how they are unless you expect to hear that they are not doing well. It is important to the grieving person to be able to express the truth about how they really are. Do not argue or contradict that. It seems like the natural thing to do so but once again, unless you can say that you understand or that you are sorry, don’t say anything. The grieving process takes a long time. It won’t be over after the funeral, after the first month, or even after the first year. Realize that the stronger the love is, the stronger the grief will be, and often the longer it will last.
  1. Do not say “but I am here” or “we are here” when the grieving person states that they are all alone. They are feeling alone, abandoned, forsaken, unloved, uncared for, overwhelmed, lost, cast adrift and even if there was a crowd of 5000 people around them they would still feel all of those things. Realize that everything in their life has been completely overturned and disrupted. Most of the time there is nothing about their life now that is recognizable. You may “be there” but the truth is, you have your own life as do children, family and other friends. There are many empty hours spent alone that serve to punctuate that sense of abandonment.
  1. Do not tell or convey to the grieving person in any way that they shouldn’t cry or aren’t allowed to cry while they are with you today. If you are uncomfortable with the tears, then elect someone else to be their companion. The truth is one can never predict what may or may not trigger the tears. When they come, often it is a deluge and it is uncontrollable. The tears will still be forthcoming long after the world thinks they should be finished grieving.
  1. Do not be surprised by their expression of anger. They may express anger toward God, toward you or others for having a seemingly normal life when theirs is not. Sometimes anger may even be expressed toward their loved one for dying. These are all normal reactions and are a part of the grief process. Your job is NOT to react but to remain loving and gentle toward the one who is so distraught. Be as understanding as possible, be non-condemning, non-judgmental and keep your mouth quiet when things they say seem irrational. The truth is that keeping all of these feelings inside is far more harmful to the individual than expressing them would seem to be.

There are some things that you can do to extend your sympathy and your concern for the one who is grieving.

  1. Do stand alongside them, pray for them, hug them, sit with them, listen to them, extend your love to them, call or visit, invite or take them out often. You need to be the one to initiate the contact and do keep trying when they say ‘No.’ The grieving person is finding day to day existence difficult, even impossible, so will not be eager to set up a social calendar. Don’t expect two-way conversation, often the quietness is all they need. The grieving person doesn’t want to talk anyway except about their loved one or their loneliness. Over the course of time, be prepared to hear the same stories again and again and again. It is an important part of grief to keep the memories alive. Their thoughts are always on their loved ones and their hearts are always longing for them. Often others seem to want to act as if their loved one never existed. This is such thoughtless cruelty so please listen.
  1. Do realize that it is difficult for the grieving person to be anywhere. It is hard to be at home, hard to be away from home, hard to drive down the same streets, hard to go to the same places, hard to go to the places they had dreamed of or spoken of seeing together, hard to be a part of life, impossible to think of the future because for them life has died. For a long period of time, nothing will take on any meaning. It is merely a struggle to exist. Most days it will be a struggle to even get out of bed, get dressed and find any normalcy at all in their day. They will experience restlessness at being out among people that they can’t explain. They just want to run away from everything and yet there is nowhere to run. Everything in their path and in their circumstances will remind them of their loss and unhappiness. Be prepared for tears and have tissues and a sincere hug handy.
  1. I plead with you and encourage you that you should remember to pray, pray, pray often for the one who is grieving. It cannot be emphasized enough. Prayer is the only thing that will sustain a person who is deep in grief. Very likely, that person is struggling to pray at all themselves. This is not because they have stopped loving God. Their faith has been shaken; they are still feeling numb. Their level of concentration is just not there. It’s like being in a coma but still being awake and moving. They will need to be carried along by the prayers of others for quite a long time. Pray that the Lord will bless them, hold them close to His heart, sustain them, comfort them, heal them, give them hope and purpose once again, and restore unto them a spirit of joy in exchange for the spirit of heaviness. Once you commit to pray, keep on praying until the Lord tells you it is all right to stop. Be prepared to carry this commitment for years, as that may be necessary.
  1. Do remember to be sensitive all of the time. If your friend has been widowed, they are no longer a part of a couple in an environment and a lifestyle that was filled with couples. Often the widowed person is seen as a fifth wheel, a threat to those who are coupled, may not have single friends or want to be a part of the singleness that has been thrust upon them, and will not be interested in making new friends at this time. If your friend has lost a child, don’t be surprised if they have difficulty being around children or even the parents of children for a period of time. It all seems too unfamiliar and takes too much energy to try to find a place to belong when all they want is to have their life back. They simply want anything that feels at least a little normal in a world where nothing will ever be normal again.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to just be available, to be a friend. It may prove to be the toughest test of friendship you will ever have. We are commanded by our Lord to bear one another’s burdens in love and I can promise you that this command will never be more of a reality or a stronger test of love for you than when you are standing with a friend in their deepest grief. Certainly, you will become impatient often and feel you are not up to the task. Please do not let that dissuade you. Please do not avoid them or walk away from your friendship at this time because it seems too hard to be involved. Seek the Lord to give you strength to be their friend at this crucial time of need. You have no idea what offering that lifeline will produce.

Thank you for caring enough to read this. I hope it has stirred a response in you and will help you to be better equipped to extend the love of the Lord to those who are hurting. I pray that the Lord will bless you as you extend yourself, your love and your concern to those who are grieving.

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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Four

As I had more of these visionary encounters, I began to ask God to show me things that I hadn’t seen before. He has shown me other rooms going off of the throne room; a strategy room and a war room which are similar but not the same. There is a big conference-type table that you can look into and see earth below. Another room looks like a library but has a lot of drawers of varying sizes in it, sort of like the old style libraries had for card catalogs. The Lord will let you open a drawer when you ask and they always contain a treasure of some sort. Sometimes He will reach in and just put something in your hand. It was there I found a very beautiful and ornate fountain-style pen. I was led into a sort of private room through a doorway that had opened up from the wall of the ‘library.’ It was a pristine, white room that had no walls or ceiling, only clouds and blue sky. There was a huge book in the center of the room sitting on an ornate gold pedestal. I knew that I was to use that pen to write on the pages but as I did I found couldn’t understand what I was writing. I know that will be revealed in the fullness of time.   Incidentally, none of the rooms have walls or ceilings exactly but some feel more enclosed than others. You can tell they are rooms but the structure is much different from earthly structure.

The throne room itself is huge and there are angels that are flying, some are suspended in air, some are standing. I know that not all angels have wings but the only ones I have seen there are winged. I came to know this is the main throne room. The chairs of the twenty-four elders are in there. There are other rooms, even what seems like other buildings, with thrones in them. One is a huge staging area where myriads of people can come, where Jesus robe fills the temple, where a glance from Jesus pierces your heart as if you were the only one in the room. It is truly awesome!

It is also possible to revisit or reenter a past vision. As I have done that, I have asked the Lord to show me something else in that vision that I hadn’t seen the first time. Sometimes He will show me greater depth of the vision and details He wants me to take note of. At other times, the vision becomes a whole new vision.

I am one who engages in spiritual warfare so in my visit to third heaven I was particularly interested in the warrior angels who were in the war room. They are very large and very serious and stately. They are dressed in the most interesting armor. Some have shiny, very ornate armor of gold and silver but others have a more industrial-looking, darker kind of metal armor and some even have razors in their wings. They are not just carrying weapons, they become the weapon. They are transformed and I have been able to see some of them in action. They may have a sword in a sheath slung over their back but when they pull out that sword, their whole arm becomes a weapon. The Light of Glory shoots out through them and they quite literally dissolve the enemy.

The Lord has taken me to school to teach me the role of angels as ministering spirits sent to help us. They fulfill so many functions. Some are praising angels, some are messenger angels who bring comfort and strength, some are sent to guard us and to keep us from danger, and some release initiatives for prayer or for ministry. And then there are the warring angels.

In the third heaven, there are warring angels who, along with me, are receiving strategy from God. They are fully clothed in armor which I put on, as well. I am clothed according to Ephesians 6 in the full armor of God. I carry His weapons of warfare in my arsenal. Those weapons include praise, love, joy, and peace. They are also Words of decree which release His blood, His sword, His thunder and lightning, His mighty arm, His fire, His power. These are “the weapons of our warfare that are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10:4-6. The Word of God, which I speak, is the vehicle, the weapon that sends the angels out to do battle. I ‘decree a thing and it is established.’ Job 22:28. In second heaven is where that battle is played out because that is where satan seeks to establish his false throne of rebellion. I don’t have to labor in that realm. I speak, God watches over His Word to perform it and the angels move out in warfare at His direction.

When I am positioned, seated with Him even as a little child on His lap, having received healing, cleansing and strategy, I then use the authority given by God through Christ by the power of Holy Spirit to clean out the realm of second heaven where I join with the angels in warfare to tear down those false thrones of satan and not allow him to have a resting place. I can feel my spirit man arise and I want the evil out of there. Righteousness and Glory are released as the enemy is driven out. The victories that are accomplished there directly affect the things happening here on earth, in first heaven, and vice versa. I seek to join with others to clear out second heaven to make a highway for our God. That is the place where Christ our Bridegroom will come to meet us in the air; to receive us, His Bride. I have realized, also, that bringing the glory of God to the second heaven is what will create the atmosphere for sustained revival here in the earth. We are bringing Heaven/holiness to earth!

After doing warfare and clearing out second heaven, what is next? Well, we have to maintain the area we have taken and keep expanding that territory. There is always more warfare until Christ returns. We have established our dominion and now we are enforcing our dominion! Holy Spirit has told me that we are His Enforcers, His Liberators. In taking territory in second heaven, the Lord has shown that this was never an area that satan was to possess in first place. It was stolen from Adam and Eve when they fell from grace. God has given us the authority to reclaim it and I am eager to do so, in Jesus’ Wonderful Name. He continues to show me the expanding areas of that spiritual territory.

Adam and Eve had free access to all three levels of heaven before they sinned and were cast out of the garden and lost their position of holiness. We have always thought that the garden was here on earth, the first heaven. What if that was only partially correct? What if there was a garden in second heaven, also? In fact, there is. As we are faithful to follow Holy Spirit and speak the Word over second heaven, that garden is recreated. It comes back from its dark and barren state into the life that God intended. Even as Adam and Eve enjoyed their personal garden and walked with God in the cool of the day, we can also experience that same thing.

When we cultivate the garden that God has given to each of us in second heaven, the rivers of living water flow coming down from the throne. There are pools, grasses, hillsides, mountains, vineyards, orchards and groves, flowers, even animals. The brown, dried areas come back to life at our decree. Our personal garden needs watering and as we fellowship with the Lord and decree His Word over our lives it is done by the Spirit. We may find that the gates need to be repaired and set back on their hinges. We may see the borders. Mine is a rock fence that was falling down in places where I was not being strong and I was allowing the enemy in. I needed to speak to the gates and to the fence to be repaired and the garden healed. I saw the brown places come to life and abundance take over. This only happened as I decreed my position in Christ and released His love, His provision, His healing, and His restoration into my life. It only happened as I became holy even as He is holy.

When Jesus came to earth, He trained the disciples regarding their authority to overcome demonic power. When He arose from the grave and ascended into third heaven, He provided them and us with all we need to regain what was lost. That includes third heaven vision and Paul introduced us to it in 2 Corinthians 12:2. It includes dominion in the earth to minister salvation, healing and deliverance. It also includes second heaven. As I stated earlier, when we establish dominion there in the Name of the Lord, it directly affects what is going on in our lives here in the first heaven or earth. Reestablishing the boundaries and repairing the walls works to keep the enemy from bringing destruction into our physical life. Pulling out the crab grass there works to make us sweeter and kinder here. Spending time in our heavenly garden, in fellowship with the Lord works to give us initiatives to pray for people here and be able to see them healed. Being dunked in the pool of living waters serves to make us more able to let go of earthly oppressions and refresh us with joy in the Holy Spirit.

We soon know that we are able to live in all three heavens at the same time. It makes us powerful Christians. We are bold in releasing prophetic words because we hear Him speak them to us. We are quick to pray and expect to receive answers because we see the work being done in the heavenly realm. We are able to be free from fear as we step out into ministry because we know that God is with us, Holy Spirit has our back. One time while spending time with the Lord, I heard Holy Spirit sing to me the words of an old Roy Orbison tune. He sang, “Anything you want, you’ve got it. Anything you need, you’ve got it. Anything at all, you’ve got it.” Father, I want what You want. Father, I need You.

It pleases the Father when we desire to spend time with Him. It is the Father’s good pleasure to bless us, to provide for us and to enable us to do all He calls us to do. It is my good pleasure to serve Him with everything I have and with everything I am. It is a humbling call but now I understand that I am able to be holy even as He is holy because He lives and reigns in me.

As I have shared my stories of visionary experience in the heavenly realms, I have included you in them when I spoke of what He has provided in advance for us. God is no respecter of persons. What He has done for one, He will do for you. In fact, you were probably already able to ‘see’ many of the things I described. That means you are a visionary, a seer into the heavens. So now the Lord invites you to “Come up here” where He will show you many more things that you don’t know. He is calling you to come to learn to be holy even as He is holy. Will you step in?




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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Three

After a few times of experiencing heavenly vision, which by now I have come to understand is the third heaven that Paul spoke of in his writings, I began to see myself sitting on God’s lap as a very young child of two or three years of age. I could see that I was wearing a little light pink dress with a flared skirt and ruffles. I had on little Mary Jane pumps and little white socks with lace at the top. I would sit curled up there on His lap, stroking the lapel of His coat with one hand and sucking my thumb with the other. It made me so angry even though I knew that scripture says ‘we must become as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ One day I was complaining about it to the Lord and telling Him that He knew I hated being a child so why did I always see myself on His lap as a little child. He said to me, “I am nurturing you.” That stopped me rather abruptly. I had been realizing that I had felt a lack of nurturing in my life. The truth is that we all need His nurturing and it is a part of that void the Lord purposely has created in our hearts which causes us to draw near to Him for everything that we need. As we allow Him to nurture us, He will touch the hurts and wounds of the past, He will heal them. Psalm 147:3 says that ‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.’

As I allowed God to bring those painful areas of my life out in the open, He healed me.   I have to admit that it was not easy to let Him touch the ‘ouchies’ of my life. Some of them had been there a very long time and some were generational. We seem to want to try to hang on to those almost as a trophy. We mistakenly imagine that we won’t know who we are if we let go of them as if we have our identity in the pain. What a deception! In truth, we only find our true identity when we find out who we are in Him. What joy there is in the freedom He gives! It’s like you can take a deep breath for the first time in your life. It becomes easier and more comfortable all of the time to become holy even as He is holy.

I began to see myself growing up. I have danced in the arms of Jesus on the living water coming down from the throne of God. It forms a pool and I have been able to walk and dance on the water. In fact, because my eyes were so caught up in seeing Jesus and feeling the warmth of His embrace, I didn’t even notice there was a pool at first. The Lord has invited me to take a dip in that pool when I needed some refreshing and needed to let go of earthly oppressions. When I have told Him that I need to see Him and to be with Him, He always speaks to me with sort of a Texas drawl, “Well, come on up, Darlin’.” God has a funny sense of humor. He has said some funny, funny things to me and it is such a blessing and such a wonder to me that He would play with me in such an intimate way. I have also found, much to my surprise, that I like to return to His lap as a little child, to cuddle with Him and to feel His love surround me. He is my heavenly Daddy, my Papa who loves me with an everlasting love. I am His child and in that place I can truly be holy and blameless in His sight. God is truly amazing!

One poignant experience I had in that heavenly realm was having the opportunity to see God’s face. Scripture tells us that we cannot see Him and live but I believe that is referring to our flesh. It is also Old Testament. Our spirit now has access through Christ. I was looking at God from behind Him as I watched Him descend to minister healing to someone who was dying. When He turned to look at me, the face I saw was Jesus’ face. I heard this scripture in my spirit, “I and My Father are One. If you have seen Me, you have seen My Father.” You have to know that there are many “Duh!” moments in the Spirit. I believe God is always pleased when we gain understanding.

Another amazing time of healing was when I was sitting on God’s lap as an adult. As I was sitting there, He showed me how God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are One and then separate. In the midst of that experience, Jesus reached into my chest and began massaging my heart in what would be its natural heartbeat. I knew that He was healing my heart. I began to hear one phrase of a Steve Swanson song going through my mind, “I want to feel Your Heartbeat. I want my heart to beat in time with Yours.” I then saw God the Father pull back His robe exposing His big, big heart beating in the same rhythm as mine. It was such an overwhelming sight and so real that I reached up to my neck to feel for my pulse. In the natural, my heart was beating ­in exactly the same rhythm I was seeing in the vision.

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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Two

The first time I actively sought after and received heavenly vision, I asked the Lord to take me soaring, meaning flying above the clouds with Him in the Spirit realm. I began to realize that the vivid imagination I always thought I had been blessed with was actually God-ordained and He was using that as the vehicle to bring me into heavenly encounter. As I entered into ‘soaring,’ the only way I knew to begin was to use my imagination to remember what it looked like to gaze out the window of an airplane at the clouds beneath me. As I did that, I soon realized the plane had disappeared and there was a Presence next to me flying with me. I knew that it was Holy Spirit and I had truly entered into heavenly vision. In that moment, I also realized that I had done this before as a child. I had had dreams of flying and there was always a Presence with me. The Lord has always been with me and I didn’t even realize it.

As we soared in that atmosphere above earth, I had only seconds to experience amazement when Holy Spirit began to take me down to earth to a place where I had experienced great pain and heartache. I didn’t want to go and refused. I immediately came out of the vision and was all too aware of ‘being back’ sitting in my chair. I then repented before the Lord and was truly sorry that I had refused Him. I knew that I had said ‘No!’ to the Lord in various ways before this but the blatant refusal in that moment was a little shocking to me. How dare I refuse God to His face? I certainly wasn’t being holy as He is holy.

I asked the Lord to take me soaring again and immediately I was flying above the clouds with Holy Spirit. Once again, He took me back down to the earth to that awful place. This time I went. He took me along the pathways, through the buildings, into each room and office and hallway where I had been. Then He took me up. Very quickly we were high above the earth and I could see Jesus standing in the distance holding a huge jar of liquid in one hand. I could see the details of the very large jar with a wide mouth and narrow shoulders. In the other hand he was holding what looked like a brown cloak which I knew would fit my shoulders perfectly. We drew near to Jesus very rapidly. It seems that there is no time or distance in the Spirit. It is not an effort. You think it and you are there. As we approached Jesus, I could see that the cloak was actually a huge, ugly scab; my wounds. The jar of liquid contained my tears, mostly unshed.

As I watched, He began to crumple up the scab in His hand like a flimsy piece of paper and as He did, it just vaporized; disappeared. He then put both hands around the jar and began to throw the tears upward out of the jar. As they rained down on me, they looked like gold stars which became elongated into more of a diamond shape as they fell to the firmament below our feet. I can’t describe it as ground because it isn’t even though there is a firmness that you can stand on. While I was busy observing all of this, Jesus took my hand and placed a huge diamond gemstone in my hand, closed my fingers around it, though they would hardly go that far, and then He kissed me on both cheeks. I was completely undone and dissolved into tears. It took me a while afterward to realize the kind of healing the Lord had ministered to me in that place. I was free of the pain and torment of that terrible time in my life. I was very aware of His awesome holiness and marveled at how I might measure up to that. What a deeply humbling experience!

As I sought after more visions, I found it was easier to enter in each time. Rather than sitting back and waiting for more visions to happen, I believe it is more pleasing to the Lord if we seek after them. He brought to mind the scripture verse in Deuteronomy 29:29 which states that “The secret things of God belong to God but the things that have been revealed belong to us and to our children forever.” I always assumed that meant that God has things we can never know because they are God’s secrets. Whereas, that may be true, God isn’t in the business of keeping things hidden from us. He opens up revelation to the true seekers. He wants us to seek Him and to seek after the knowledge of Him. As we do that, He opens up understanding of His secrets to us. Then they belong to us and to our children forever! His promises are “Yes, and Amen!” That also means that we are accountable then for what He has revealed so that we might obey all of His instructions.

That is a pretty awesome mandate but definitely relates back to His command that we ‘be holy even as He is holy.’ Scripture says that ‘without faith it is impossible to please God.’ I also believe that unless we choose to live a life that is holy and acceptable to God and walk in purity before Him, we cannot be pleasing to Him. We must be fully positioned in Him to see the signs, wonders and miracles that follow them who believe.

When we enter into visionary experience with God, we can ask Him things. We should always feel free to tell Him what’s on our mind. He knows it anyway. There is no hiding from Him. If we have learned anything from Adam and Eve it should be that we are naked before Him and cannot hide. God is also very patient and loving with His children. He does not want us to hide from Him. In fact, I believe it hurts Him a great deal when we seek to do so. He wants to show us the things of heaven. He wants us to see the colors of emerald around the throne, the reds, blues, purples and the pure gold and silver, the gemstones, the hues of pinks and purples in the Shekinah Glory of God, the angels around His throne. It is truly awesome to ‘see’ into heaven.

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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part One

Several months ago, I was led to explore what it is to “Be Holy Even As I Am Holy.”  The Lord has brought revelation to me and because it is long, I will submit this writing to you in four segments.

These words have resonated with me over and over again. God says to us in 1 Peter 1:15-16 NLT, “But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy.” If that were not possible, He would not have told us. We all know that in our flesh, that seems like an impossible command. It is then that we must come to the realization that at salvation our spirit was recreated into His image. It is our recreated spirit that is alive unto God and which is the perfect, sinless part of us. We find that we need to learn how to bring the rest of ourselves into alignment with our spirit. We have now set out on our journey to holiness.

We are spirit, soul, and body; three distinct parts. Too often we allow our flesh to dictate to us. Our flesh screams out for food, for comfort, for self-gratification and we are all too ready to accommodate that. Our soul, which is our mind, will and emotions, goes right along with that program getting caught up in supplying the desires of the flesh. Whatever we can think of is what we want. As our thinking becomes more perverse, so do our actions. We tend to be moved by our emotions and those often betray us. Our spirit is often the last part of ourselves that we are ever even aware of and it is off in the corner literally starving to death while we go on with satisfying the flesh. As Christians, we should strive to change this worldly pattern. The only way to effectively bring about the kind of change we need for victory in our lives is to cultivate a deeper relationship with our Father God through Christ Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit by spending time with Him in the place where He is. That is where we become holy even as He is holy.

I have heard Christians say about another that they are ‘so heavenly-minded they are no earthly good.’ That is a statement right out of the pit of hell itself. The truth is that if we do not become heavenly-minded we can be of no earthly good. As long as we remain bound to earthly constraints, our faith level will never be enough to see the type of victory we long to see. Our spirits are meant to soar, to experience heavenly vision, to dream dreams. Scripture tells us that we are already seated together in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. That is our reality but until we move to heaven we can only ‘see it’ in the Spirit when our spirit, inspired by Holy Spirit, ascends to those heavenly places. We have access through visions and dreams to see into that heavenly realm. The Lord invites us in as He says, “Call unto me and I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3. In Revelation 4:1 He says, “Come up here and I will show you things that must take place.”

Our flesh cannot access this realm because that is the part of us that was created in sin. Our soul cannot access this realm without being renewed by the washing of the water of the Word. Scripture says to ‘let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus’ and to ‘renew your mind by the washing of the water of the Word.’ It seems to me that the soul part of us can be renewed both in first heaven, which is the earth, where we hear, read and speak the Word and in third heaven where God is, where we experience the Word. That would make our soul the bridge between heaven and earth. We are not to remain earth-bound because our spirit is created to soar to those heavenly places in Christ.

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ISIS vs ISIL – God’s Prophetic revelation

The Lord gave me revelation this morning into ISIS vs ISIL.  I was lead to research the difference.  I found that ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.  This organization of terrorists is a jihadist group that has self-proclaimed its status as a caliphate.  They claim religious authority over the entire Muslim world and are seeking to bring the entire Middle East region under its direct political control.  The Levant region includes Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, a region in southern Turkey, the area they call Palestine and ISRAEL.  The Lord spoke to me that those using the term ISIL are covertly giving their backing to the destruction of Israel.

Two very visible organizations that use ISIL in their discussion of the events in Iraq are the United Nations and the administration of the United States government.  In fact, Barack Hussein Obama refers to ISIL every time he speaks of this jihadist group.  It’s true that they are identifying this group as being a terrorist organization but God told me clearly that it is being covertly used, as well.  Very interesting food for thought! 

Father, in Jesus’ name, I pull down the principalities and powers seeking to deceive, victimize and destroy the people of God, especially those living in that region.  I pray for your protection upon Christians around the world and for all of Israel.  I pray for the peace of Jerusalem!  I take captive vain imaginations and every high thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God and bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  In Jesus’ name, I overturn every evil assignment against your people.  Amen and amen!

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Love and Honor

I am being led to speak here in regard to healthy relationships. I am thinking especially of marriage relationships. I have seen and continue to see such a breakdown in relationships between people that I know and love. It seems to me that it all boils down really to honoring one another.

The first relationship we are commanded to honor is our father and mother. The Lord tells us in the fifth commandment that honoring our parents comes with the promise of long life upon the earth. It stands to reason that if we want to be successful in that and in every other relationship we have it must be that we honor one another. This is especially true in marriage. Honor and love go hand in hand and, by the way, neither involves emotion. They involve a choice. In 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter we typically call the love chapter, it states that love is not jealous, is not boastful or rude, does not demand its own way. In my understanding, honor and love always considers others first. If we say that we truly love, then we must also choose to honor.

When did we get to be such a society of demanding our own way? It seems to me that everyone is singing their favorite hit song, “It’s all about me.” Are we making some sort of doctrine out of ‘me first?’ Even in everyday language, I hear people putting ‘me’ first, i.e. “Me and my friend went to a movie.” Or, “Me and her are hanging out.” You may say that it’s just a grammatical error, and it is, but the subtlety of self-importance and entitlement is reinforced every time it is spoken.

I see that same attitude on the road as drivers push their way through traffic, cutting in and out between cars, even putting themselves and others in danger. I see it in stores as customers rudely assert themselves in the lines to the cash registers and in restaurants where diners engage in crude behavior toward the staff. I even see the employees in these establishments play this same role as they fail to provide good customer service as a part of their job. Whereas, I don’t appreciate the lack of common courtesy and the attitudes of entitlement in public, I really hate to see this taking place in the home, in families, among the people we have made a commitment to and who we profess to love. Beloved, in the family of faith this is no way to treat our Christian brothers and sisters, especially the ones that live under our own roof.

For me, the first step I took toward learning that it is imperative to honor one another as a testimony of my love was when I realized my life is not my own. My whole life is to be a sacrifice to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because of what He has done for me in giving His life for mine at the cross. In giving my life back to Him, I know that I must love like He loves, serve like He serves and honor like He honors. Once the choice is made to totally yield to Him, it isn’t really that difficult to follow through. As I am faithful to fulfill those simple things, I find that He gives me everything I need in return. I receive love, I receive honor and no longer have to strive for them, demanding that others fill that need in my life. Truthfully, the Lord is the only One who can fill that need, that ache for fulfillment in my heart, anyway.

It is a cruel and selfish act to demand that others serve us and fulfill our every need. We make our love and our honor conditional. We think, “Perhaps I’ll give my love and my honor if you give yours first.” I determine I will withhold from you until my desires are satisfied and then I may decide to throw out a few crumbs back to you in return. That doesn’t sound like true honor, true love and there certainly isn’t any gratitude in those demands. Does it sound like that is the example of Christ to us?

Love and honor require vulnerability on our part. It means that we may be hurt along the way. When we remember that God commands us to love one another, even as He has loved us it calls for us to trust which is ultimately trusting in the Lord. When we withhold from those we say we love then we are really withholding from God. You can’t have it both ways; love and honor God but withhold that love and honor from others. If we refuse to trust God and be faithful to love others then we do not truly love Him. Without love it is impossible to please God. This is the very thing that would possibly position us to have to hear His Words, “I never knew you.”

What do we really lose when we choose to love and honor? What do we risk when we choose to trust God in releasing our love and honor to others? The true answer is nothing. We, in fact, gain everything. I pray that God will lead you and richly bless you as you make that choice.



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God Loves You

Greetings, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Lately, I have been listening almost daily to You Tube videos of Heidi Baker both in interviews and of her preaching.  She challenges me in every video to “get wrecked in Holy Spirit.”  I case you aren’t familiar with Heidi and her husband, Roland, I’ll give you some background.  Heidi and Roland Baker have ministered in Mozambique for 30 years.  God called them to go to the poorest of the poor, to rescue people and to love them like Jesus loves them.  She has sat in the dumps and on dirty street corners holding and loving the dirty, smelly, diseased, starving, orphaned, lost children in that area.  Because they have trusted God in every situation she and Roland have seen mighty miracles of healing, provision, deliverance and redemption.  They have adopted over 700 children, care for thousands more orphans, have started several thousand churches in Africa, and feed thousands every day.  They have only limited resources but God multiplies as in the feeding of the 5000 and there is always enough.  She has such a childlike quality, an innocence and a purity in her love for the Lord and of her faith in Him.  Her expression of that love to the Father amazes me and leaves me completely undone.  I sit and weep at her stories of God’s goodness.

The first time I saw Heidi and Roland in person was in January of 2006, when my husband and I were newly married.  We went to a conference where they were ministering.  Before she ever preached, she stayed on the floor and worshiped the Lord with such passion and with great outpouring of her love for Him.  It was only her and her Lord.  I had never seen anyone worship God like that.  At the break, my husband and I went out to our vehicle and sat there almost stunned at what we had just witnessed.  We wept together before the Lord realizing that we had missed it.  We knew we really didn’t understand that kind of love.  We were so inspired by Heidi and we also knew we needed to seek after the Lord in a new way because we so desired to know that kind of love and we wanted be able to love others with that same sweet Spirit.  We recognized that in order to give love, we must first let ourselves be loved.

It has been quite a journey of learning about the deep, deep love of God and becoming comfortable in knowing, I mean really knowing, that God loves me with an everlasting love.  He cannot do anything else because God IS Love.  In some ways, lately, I have felt like I am back to square one in learning to experience the love of God and yet I realize that He is merely calling me, beckoning me, to a deeper revelation of His love and to a deeper place in Him.  I know that I do not love like He loves and I need to draw closer to Him to be able to do that.  I am growing in my desperation to have more of Him, more of His Presence, more of His Glory manifested in my life.  I have also learned that you can never have enough.  Thankfully, there is always more and we can have as much of the Lord God as we want.  I want more!

I understand that many who are reading this are like me.  I have read things like this before and thought, “Yes, that is just fine for you.  You are obviously better, holier than me and this ‘church-ese’ language is beyond me.  I don’t get it.”  Well, we all have to begin where we are in our understanding so I challenge you to begin right there, where you are.  You might start where I did.  I had to stand before the mirror and say to myself, “GOD loves me!  God LOVES me!  God loves ME!  GOD LOVES ME with an everlasting love!  Nothing will ever change that.  God loves me!”  I’d point to myself and say to myself, “God loves you!”  I’d say it every day.  I said it multiple times a day.  There were times I almost choked on the words especially at the beginning because, whereas, I could believe and truthfully say that God loves You, I had a hard time believing that God truly loved me.

I had to learn to stop, quiet myself and enter into His Presence by faith believing that I had access, by necessity and by right, to come before the Most High God!  The more I practiced this, the more real it became to me.  It IS real but we have to practice the Presence of God in order to sense Him.  What an awesome thing to realize that your spirit man can go right up to the throne of God and jump into His arms, sit on His lap, lean against His chest and breathe in His fragrance.  He is Papa, our Daddy God, our Precious Lord.  Our spirit man can dance in the arms of Jesus and feel His embrace. Our spirit man can fly with Holy Spirit through the clouds of Glory and colors and the radiance of Heaven itself.  Our spirit man can bow before the Lord God Almighty and worship with the angels and living creatures.  We have access because we belong to Him, we are His dear children, His beloved, The Bride that He is preparing for Himself.  Praise the Lord!  Praise His Holy Name!!

If you haven’t yet experienced this kind of love, this kind of relationship with our Lord and you would like to then I challenge you to seek after Him until you find Him!  He promises that if we draw near unto Him, He will meet us!  Read in the gospel of John about the love of Jesus and ask the Lord to give you a fresh revelation of His overwhelming love for you.  Dare to take the first steps to experiencing Him in a new and more powerful way.  He is waiting for you, He is longing for you, He is calling you but you have to go to Him and surrender to His love.

His love is so healing.  The more we experience Him, staying enveloped in that great love, the more we are healed, strengthened and renewed.  Once we experience His love, it so easy to love others, to let Him love others through you.  There is complete freedom, peace and rest in that kind of love.  So I say to you, “Be free, in Jesus’ name, for you are loved and you are free to love!”


We Are Enforcers

I have been silent for some time now on my blog.  The truth is that I haven’t known how to express what I have been seeing in the Spirit that I see being confirmed in the natural.  I have been, at times, overwhelmed with happenings, prayer burdens, exposure of things going on in this nation that I am not able to talk about with most people.  The Lord is exposing evil all around us as an answer to my prayers and, I suspect, the prayers of others.  It is exciting to see God’s hand at work.  However, when He has revealed to me some really heavy information that has been difficult to know, I have asked the Lord what I am to do with this?  He has told me, “The things I am showing you, I have given you authority to tear down.”  He has shown me that He wants to release His Truth and His Justice over the evil and injustice meted out against His Body.   He has shown me more about how to conduct spiritual warfare, in the name of Jesus.

Most of as Christians haven’t understood our place as soldiers on the ground in the army of the Lord.  Too many have seen themselves and God as being too small to handle the situations we face or have seen God as a disinterested party who has left us to our own devices.  Neither is true!  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  This is probably the biggest lie that satan would tell us because he knows the power and authority we carry would annihilate him if we actually understood what we have been given and chose to operate in it.  Another of his lies is that God is sovereign and He will do what He will do so we should just sit by the wayside and let it happen.

God’s Word, our Holy Bible, His love letter to us is full of admonitions to get activated.  In the natural when ground troops are sent into war, what are they expected to do?  First of all, do we expect them to be trained and equipped?  Covered in protective armor?  Carrying their weapons?  Ready to engage the enemy?  Or do we expect them to sit on the sidelines and watch the enemy take their territory?  Are they to sit passively by and watch their armaments, their possessions and their lives being stolen away?  Do we send them to war expecting defeat?  Or if you don’t like the war analogy, then let’s take a look at the weekend football games?  Let’s ask the same questions?  If we see the logic of being well-trained, well-equipped and ready for battle in the natural, why do we so easily stand down in the spiritual battles?

People of God, now is the time to put on the full armor of God according to Ephesians 6.  We need to enter the battle according to 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 because we have strong weapons of warfare which are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds!  We need to decree a thing and it shall be established!  Job 22:28  We are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth!  This not just a future thing, this is NOW!  We are the resistance in the earth to the full-blown manifestation of the kingdom of darkness.  We have power against the enemy because of Jesus!  We have authority to pull down the strongholds of darkness, principalities and powers and all manner of wickedness in high places because of Jesus!  His blood broke the powers of darkness and won the victory but we need to enforce it………Here……..NOW!!!!

When Jesus arose from the dead, having spoiled principalities and powers and making a show of them openly, He took the keys to hell, death and the grave.  He had authority over the enemy and He gave that to us and said “Go and do as you have seen me do.”  He even said we would do greater things.  The day after He ascended, satan was still here wreaking havoc on the earth.  But the blood-bought authority of Jesus remained with us and Holy Spirit came to earth to empower us to use it.  The battle is the Lord’s but we are the Enforcers!  So let’s seek closer relationship with God the Father, fall more in love with Jesus, be filled with Holy Spirit, then get in there and boldly enforce what Jesus did for us!  Let us speak the Word of the Lord and watch God perform it.  Let us bind up the works of the evil one and watch them fall.  Let us cast out demons in Jesus’ name and watch them flee.  Let us lay hands on the sick and watch them be healed.  Let us speak life to the dead and watch them arise.  Let us release the righteousness of Almighty God in the earth and watch it take hold!  Amen!

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