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We Are Enforcers

on October 14, 2013

I have been silent for some time now on my blog.  The truth is that I haven’t known how to express what I have been seeing in the Spirit that I see being confirmed in the natural.  I have been, at times, overwhelmed with happenings, prayer burdens, exposure of things going on in this nation that I am not able to talk about with most people.  The Lord is exposing evil all around us as an answer to my prayers and, I suspect, the prayers of others.  It is exciting to see God’s hand at work.  However, when He has revealed to me some really heavy information that has been difficult to know, I have asked the Lord what I am to do with this?  He has told me, “The things I am showing you, I have given you authority to tear down.”  He has shown me that He wants to release His Truth and His Justice over the evil and injustice meted out against His Body.   He has shown me more about how to conduct spiritual warfare, in the name of Jesus.

Most of as Christians haven’t understood our place as soldiers on the ground in the army of the Lord.  Too many have seen themselves and God as being too small to handle the situations we face or have seen God as a disinterested party who has left us to our own devices.  Neither is true!  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  This is probably the biggest lie that satan would tell us because he knows the power and authority we carry would annihilate him if we actually understood what we have been given and chose to operate in it.  Another of his lies is that God is sovereign and He will do what He will do so we should just sit by the wayside and let it happen.

God’s Word, our Holy Bible, His love letter to us is full of admonitions to get activated.  In the natural when ground troops are sent into war, what are they expected to do?  First of all, do we expect them to be trained and equipped?  Covered in protective armor?  Carrying their weapons?  Ready to engage the enemy?  Or do we expect them to sit on the sidelines and watch the enemy take their territory?  Are they to sit passively by and watch their armaments, their possessions and their lives being stolen away?  Do we send them to war expecting defeat?  Or if you don’t like the war analogy, then let’s take a look at the weekend football games?  Let’s ask the same questions?  If we see the logic of being well-trained, well-equipped and ready for battle in the natural, why do we so easily stand down in the spiritual battles?

People of God, now is the time to put on the full armor of God according to Ephesians 6.  We need to enter the battle according to 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 because we have strong weapons of warfare which are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds!  We need to decree a thing and it shall be established!  Job 22:28  We are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth!  This not just a future thing, this is NOW!  We are the resistance in the earth to the full-blown manifestation of the kingdom of darkness.  We have power against the enemy because of Jesus!  We have authority to pull down the strongholds of darkness, principalities and powers and all manner of wickedness in high places because of Jesus!  His blood broke the powers of darkness and won the victory but we need to enforce it………Here……..NOW!!!!

When Jesus arose from the dead, having spoiled principalities and powers and making a show of them openly, He took the keys to hell, death and the grave.  He had authority over the enemy and He gave that to us and said “Go and do as you have seen me do.”  He even said we would do greater things.  The day after He ascended, satan was still here wreaking havoc on the earth.  But the blood-bought authority of Jesus remained with us and Holy Spirit came to earth to empower us to use it.  The battle is the Lord’s but we are the Enforcers!  So let’s seek closer relationship with God the Father, fall more in love with Jesus, be filled with Holy Spirit, then get in there and boldly enforce what Jesus did for us!  Let us speak the Word of the Lord and watch God perform it.  Let us bind up the works of the evil one and watch them fall.  Let us cast out demons in Jesus’ name and watch them flee.  Let us lay hands on the sick and watch them be healed.  Let us speak life to the dead and watch them arise.  Let us release the righteousness of Almighty God in the earth and watch it take hold!  Amen!


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