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God Loves You

on November 18, 2013

Greetings, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Lately, I have been listening almost daily to You Tube videos of Heidi Baker both in interviews and of her preaching.  She challenges me in every video to “get wrecked in Holy Spirit.”  I case you aren’t familiar with Heidi and her husband, Roland, I’ll give you some background.  Heidi and Roland Baker have ministered in Mozambique for 30 years.  God called them to go to the poorest of the poor, to rescue people and to love them like Jesus loves them.  She has sat in the dumps and on dirty street corners holding and loving the dirty, smelly, diseased, starving, orphaned, lost children in that area.  Because they have trusted God in every situation she and Roland have seen mighty miracles of healing, provision, deliverance and redemption.  They have adopted over 700 children, care for thousands more orphans, have started several thousand churches in Africa, and feed thousands every day.  They have only limited resources but God multiplies as in the feeding of the 5000 and there is always enough.  She has such a childlike quality, an innocence and a purity in her love for the Lord and of her faith in Him.  Her expression of that love to the Father amazes me and leaves me completely undone.  I sit and weep at her stories of God’s goodness.

The first time I saw Heidi and Roland in person was in January of 2006, when my husband and I were newly married.  We went to a conference where they were ministering.  Before she ever preached, she stayed on the floor and worshiped the Lord with such passion and with great outpouring of her love for Him.  It was only her and her Lord.  I had never seen anyone worship God like that.  At the break, my husband and I went out to our vehicle and sat there almost stunned at what we had just witnessed.  We wept together before the Lord realizing that we had missed it.  We knew we really didn’t understand that kind of love.  We were so inspired by Heidi and we also knew we needed to seek after the Lord in a new way because we so desired to know that kind of love and we wanted be able to love others with that same sweet Spirit.  We recognized that in order to give love, we must first let ourselves be loved.

It has been quite a journey of learning about the deep, deep love of God and becoming comfortable in knowing, I mean really knowing, that God loves me with an everlasting love.  He cannot do anything else because God IS Love.  In some ways, lately, I have felt like I am back to square one in learning to experience the love of God and yet I realize that He is merely calling me, beckoning me, to a deeper revelation of His love and to a deeper place in Him.  I know that I do not love like He loves and I need to draw closer to Him to be able to do that.  I am growing in my desperation to have more of Him, more of His Presence, more of His Glory manifested in my life.  I have also learned that you can never have enough.  Thankfully, there is always more and we can have as much of the Lord God as we want.  I want more!

I understand that many who are reading this are like me.  I have read things like this before and thought, “Yes, that is just fine for you.  You are obviously better, holier than me and this ‘church-ese’ language is beyond me.  I don’t get it.”  Well, we all have to begin where we are in our understanding so I challenge you to begin right there, where you are.  You might start where I did.  I had to stand before the mirror and say to myself, “GOD loves me!  God LOVES me!  God loves ME!  GOD LOVES ME with an everlasting love!  Nothing will ever change that.  God loves me!”  I’d point to myself and say to myself, “God loves you!”  I’d say it every day.  I said it multiple times a day.  There were times I almost choked on the words especially at the beginning because, whereas, I could believe and truthfully say that God loves You, I had a hard time believing that God truly loved me.

I had to learn to stop, quiet myself and enter into His Presence by faith believing that I had access, by necessity and by right, to come before the Most High God!  The more I practiced this, the more real it became to me.  It IS real but we have to practice the Presence of God in order to sense Him.  What an awesome thing to realize that your spirit man can go right up to the throne of God and jump into His arms, sit on His lap, lean against His chest and breathe in His fragrance.  He is Papa, our Daddy God, our Precious Lord.  Our spirit man can dance in the arms of Jesus and feel His embrace. Our spirit man can fly with Holy Spirit through the clouds of Glory and colors and the radiance of Heaven itself.  Our spirit man can bow before the Lord God Almighty and worship with the angels and living creatures.  We have access because we belong to Him, we are His dear children, His beloved, The Bride that He is preparing for Himself.  Praise the Lord!  Praise His Holy Name!!

If you haven’t yet experienced this kind of love, this kind of relationship with our Lord and you would like to then I challenge you to seek after Him until you find Him!  He promises that if we draw near unto Him, He will meet us!  Read in the gospel of John about the love of Jesus and ask the Lord to give you a fresh revelation of His overwhelming love for you.  Dare to take the first steps to experiencing Him in a new and more powerful way.  He is waiting for you, He is longing for you, He is calling you but you have to go to Him and surrender to His love.

His love is so healing.  The more we experience Him, staying enveloped in that great love, the more we are healed, strengthened and renewed.  Once we experience His love, it so easy to love others, to let Him love others through you.  There is complete freedom, peace and rest in that kind of love.  So I say to you, “Be free, in Jesus’ name, for you are loved and you are free to love!”


4 responses to “God Loves You

  1. Pam Johnson says:


  2. Mary W says:

    How I long to have such a relationship with my Daddy. This is phenomenal!! Just heard teaching today on the power of worship and praise. It wins wars – physical AND spiritual!

    • Jane says:

      Wow!!! How fanstastic is this word, confirming our two services this Sunday where God spoke identical messages through the members of our cooinegatgrn. If you missed it ACC ask for the DVD to catch up; it is well worth it. Another local network have just set up their meetings for this year and The Fathers Heart has been chosen as the theme, seems God is saying the same thing to ua all!

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