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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Three

on September 3, 2014

After a few times of experiencing heavenly vision, which by now I have come to understand is the third heaven that Paul spoke of in his writings, I began to see myself sitting on God’s lap as a very young child of two or three years of age. I could see that I was wearing a little light pink dress with a flared skirt and ruffles. I had on little Mary Jane pumps and little white socks with lace at the top. I would sit curled up there on His lap, stroking the lapel of His coat with one hand and sucking my thumb with the other. It made me so angry even though I knew that scripture says ‘we must become as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ One day I was complaining about it to the Lord and telling Him that He knew I hated being a child so why did I always see myself on His lap as a little child. He said to me, “I am nurturing you.” That stopped me rather abruptly. I had been realizing that I had felt a lack of nurturing in my life. The truth is that we all need His nurturing and it is a part of that void the Lord purposely has created in our hearts which causes us to draw near to Him for everything that we need. As we allow Him to nurture us, He will touch the hurts and wounds of the past, He will heal them. Psalm 147:3 says that ‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.’

As I allowed God to bring those painful areas of my life out in the open, He healed me.   I have to admit that it was not easy to let Him touch the ‘ouchies’ of my life. Some of them had been there a very long time and some were generational. We seem to want to try to hang on to those almost as a trophy. We mistakenly imagine that we won’t know who we are if we let go of them as if we have our identity in the pain. What a deception! In truth, we only find our true identity when we find out who we are in Him. What joy there is in the freedom He gives! It’s like you can take a deep breath for the first time in your life. It becomes easier and more comfortable all of the time to become holy even as He is holy.

I began to see myself growing up. I have danced in the arms of Jesus on the living water coming down from the throne of God. It forms a pool and I have been able to walk and dance on the water. In fact, because my eyes were so caught up in seeing Jesus and feeling the warmth of His embrace, I didn’t even notice there was a pool at first. The Lord has invited me to take a dip in that pool when I needed some refreshing and needed to let go of earthly oppressions. When I have told Him that I need to see Him and to be with Him, He always speaks to me with sort of a Texas drawl, “Well, come on up, Darlin’.” God has a funny sense of humor. He has said some funny, funny things to me and it is such a blessing and such a wonder to me that He would play with me in such an intimate way. I have also found, much to my surprise, that I like to return to His lap as a little child, to cuddle with Him and to feel His love surround me. He is my heavenly Daddy, my Papa who loves me with an everlasting love. I am His child and in that place I can truly be holy and blameless in His sight. God is truly amazing!

One poignant experience I had in that heavenly realm was having the opportunity to see God’s face. Scripture tells us that we cannot see Him and live but I believe that is referring to our flesh. It is also Old Testament. Our spirit now has access through Christ. I was looking at God from behind Him as I watched Him descend to minister healing to someone who was dying. When He turned to look at me, the face I saw was Jesus’ face. I heard this scripture in my spirit, “I and My Father are One. If you have seen Me, you have seen My Father.” You have to know that there are many “Duh!” moments in the Spirit. I believe God is always pleased when we gain understanding.

Another amazing time of healing was when I was sitting on God’s lap as an adult. As I was sitting there, He showed me how God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are One and then separate. In the midst of that experience, Jesus reached into my chest and began massaging my heart in what would be its natural heartbeat. I knew that He was healing my heart. I began to hear one phrase of a Steve Swanson song going through my mind, “I want to feel Your Heartbeat. I want my heart to beat in time with Yours.” I then saw God the Father pull back His robe exposing His big, big heart beating in the same rhythm as mine. It was such an overwhelming sight and so real that I reached up to my neck to feel for my pulse. In the natural, my heart was beating ­in exactly the same rhythm I was seeing in the vision.


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