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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Four

on September 8, 2014

As I had more of these visionary encounters, I began to ask God to show me things that I hadn’t seen before. He has shown me other rooms going off of the throne room; a strategy room and a war room which are similar but not the same. There is a big conference-type table that you can look into and see earth below. Another room looks like a library but has a lot of drawers of varying sizes in it, sort of like the old style libraries had for card catalogs. The Lord will let you open a drawer when you ask and they always contain a treasure of some sort. Sometimes He will reach in and just put something in your hand. It was there I found a very beautiful and ornate fountain-style pen. I was led into a sort of private room through a doorway that had opened up from the wall of the ‘library.’ It was a pristine, white room that had no walls or ceiling, only clouds and blue sky. There was a huge book in the center of the room sitting on an ornate gold pedestal. I knew that I was to use that pen to write on the pages but as I did I found couldn’t understand what I was writing. I know that will be revealed in the fullness of time.   Incidentally, none of the rooms have walls or ceilings exactly but some feel more enclosed than others. You can tell they are rooms but the structure is much different from earthly structure.

The throne room itself is huge and there are angels that are flying, some are suspended in air, some are standing. I know that not all angels have wings but the only ones I have seen there are winged. I came to know this is the main throne room. The chairs of the twenty-four elders are in there. There are other rooms, even what seems like other buildings, with thrones in them. One is a huge staging area where myriads of people can come, where Jesus robe fills the temple, where a glance from Jesus pierces your heart as if you were the only one in the room. It is truly awesome!

It is also possible to revisit or reenter a past vision. As I have done that, I have asked the Lord to show me something else in that vision that I hadn’t seen the first time. Sometimes He will show me greater depth of the vision and details He wants me to take note of. At other times, the vision becomes a whole new vision.

I am one who engages in spiritual warfare so in my visit to third heaven I was particularly interested in the warrior angels who were in the war room. They are very large and very serious and stately. They are dressed in the most interesting armor. Some have shiny, very ornate armor of gold and silver but others have a more industrial-looking, darker kind of metal armor and some even have razors in their wings. They are not just carrying weapons, they become the weapon. They are transformed and I have been able to see some of them in action. They may have a sword in a sheath slung over their back but when they pull out that sword, their whole arm becomes a weapon. The Light of Glory shoots out through them and they quite literally dissolve the enemy.

The Lord has taken me to school to teach me the role of angels as ministering spirits sent to help us. They fulfill so many functions. Some are praising angels, some are messenger angels who bring comfort and strength, some are sent to guard us and to keep us from danger, and some release initiatives for prayer or for ministry. And then there are the warring angels.

In the third heaven, there are warring angels who, along with me, are receiving strategy from God. They are fully clothed in armor which I put on, as well. I am clothed according to Ephesians 6 in the full armor of God. I carry His weapons of warfare in my arsenal. Those weapons include praise, love, joy, and peace. They are also Words of decree which release His blood, His sword, His thunder and lightning, His mighty arm, His fire, His power. These are “the weapons of our warfare that are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10:4-6. The Word of God, which I speak, is the vehicle, the weapon that sends the angels out to do battle. I ‘decree a thing and it is established.’ Job 22:28. In second heaven is where that battle is played out because that is where satan seeks to establish his false throne of rebellion. I don’t have to labor in that realm. I speak, God watches over His Word to perform it and the angels move out in warfare at His direction.

When I am positioned, seated with Him even as a little child on His lap, having received healing, cleansing and strategy, I then use the authority given by God through Christ by the power of Holy Spirit to clean out the realm of second heaven where I join with the angels in warfare to tear down those false thrones of satan and not allow him to have a resting place. I can feel my spirit man arise and I want the evil out of there. Righteousness and Glory are released as the enemy is driven out. The victories that are accomplished there directly affect the things happening here on earth, in first heaven, and vice versa. I seek to join with others to clear out second heaven to make a highway for our God. That is the place where Christ our Bridegroom will come to meet us in the air; to receive us, His Bride. I have realized, also, that bringing the glory of God to the second heaven is what will create the atmosphere for sustained revival here in the earth. We are bringing Heaven/holiness to earth!

After doing warfare and clearing out second heaven, what is next? Well, we have to maintain the area we have taken and keep expanding that territory. There is always more warfare until Christ returns. We have established our dominion and now we are enforcing our dominion! Holy Spirit has told me that we are His Enforcers, His Liberators. In taking territory in second heaven, the Lord has shown that this was never an area that satan was to possess in first place. It was stolen from Adam and Eve when they fell from grace. God has given us the authority to reclaim it and I am eager to do so, in Jesus’ Wonderful Name. He continues to show me the expanding areas of that spiritual territory.

Adam and Eve had free access to all three levels of heaven before they sinned and were cast out of the garden and lost their position of holiness. We have always thought that the garden was here on earth, the first heaven. What if that was only partially correct? What if there was a garden in second heaven, also? In fact, there is. As we are faithful to follow Holy Spirit and speak the Word over second heaven, that garden is recreated. It comes back from its dark and barren state into the life that God intended. Even as Adam and Eve enjoyed their personal garden and walked with God in the cool of the day, we can also experience that same thing.

When we cultivate the garden that God has given to each of us in second heaven, the rivers of living water flow coming down from the throne. There are pools, grasses, hillsides, mountains, vineyards, orchards and groves, flowers, even animals. The brown, dried areas come back to life at our decree. Our personal garden needs watering and as we fellowship with the Lord and decree His Word over our lives it is done by the Spirit. We may find that the gates need to be repaired and set back on their hinges. We may see the borders. Mine is a rock fence that was falling down in places where I was not being strong and I was allowing the enemy in. I needed to speak to the gates and to the fence to be repaired and the garden healed. I saw the brown places come to life and abundance take over. This only happened as I decreed my position in Christ and released His love, His provision, His healing, and His restoration into my life. It only happened as I became holy even as He is holy.

When Jesus came to earth, He trained the disciples regarding their authority to overcome demonic power. When He arose from the grave and ascended into third heaven, He provided them and us with all we need to regain what was lost. That includes third heaven vision and Paul introduced us to it in 2 Corinthians 12:2. It includes dominion in the earth to minister salvation, healing and deliverance. It also includes second heaven. As I stated earlier, when we establish dominion there in the Name of the Lord, it directly affects what is going on in our lives here in the first heaven or earth. Reestablishing the boundaries and repairing the walls works to keep the enemy from bringing destruction into our physical life. Pulling out the crab grass there works to make us sweeter and kinder here. Spending time in our heavenly garden, in fellowship with the Lord works to give us initiatives to pray for people here and be able to see them healed. Being dunked in the pool of living waters serves to make us more able to let go of earthly oppressions and refresh us with joy in the Holy Spirit.

We soon know that we are able to live in all three heavens at the same time. It makes us powerful Christians. We are bold in releasing prophetic words because we hear Him speak them to us. We are quick to pray and expect to receive answers because we see the work being done in the heavenly realm. We are able to be free from fear as we step out into ministry because we know that God is with us, Holy Spirit has our back. One time while spending time with the Lord, I heard Holy Spirit sing to me the words of an old Roy Orbison tune. He sang, “Anything you want, you’ve got it. Anything you need, you’ve got it. Anything at all, you’ve got it.” Father, I want what You want. Father, I need You.

It pleases the Father when we desire to spend time with Him. It is the Father’s good pleasure to bless us, to provide for us and to enable us to do all He calls us to do. It is my good pleasure to serve Him with everything I have and with everything I am. It is a humbling call but now I understand that I am able to be holy even as He is holy because He lives and reigns in me.

As I have shared my stories of visionary experience in the heavenly realms, I have included you in them when I spoke of what He has provided in advance for us. God is no respecter of persons. What He has done for one, He will do for you. In fact, you were probably already able to ‘see’ many of the things I described. That means you are a visionary, a seer into the heavens. So now the Lord invites you to “Come up here” where He will show you many more things that you don’t know. He is calling you to come to learn to be holy even as He is holy. Will you step in?





One response to “Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Four

  1. Marissa says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Patty! Very in-depth teaching! It’s a great reminder for all of us to walk more in and by the Spirit. Excellent teaching, praise God!

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