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Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Two

on August 25, 2014

The first time I actively sought after and received heavenly vision, I asked the Lord to take me soaring, meaning flying above the clouds with Him in the Spirit realm. I began to realize that the vivid imagination I always thought I had been blessed with was actually God-ordained and He was using that as the vehicle to bring me into heavenly encounter. As I entered into ‘soaring,’ the only way I knew to begin was to use my imagination to remember what it looked like to gaze out the window of an airplane at the clouds beneath me. As I did that, I soon realized the plane had disappeared and there was a Presence next to me flying with me. I knew that it was Holy Spirit and I had truly entered into heavenly vision. In that moment, I also realized that I had done this before as a child. I had had dreams of flying and there was always a Presence with me. The Lord has always been with me and I didn’t even realize it.

As we soared in that atmosphere above earth, I had only seconds to experience amazement when Holy Spirit began to take me down to earth to a place where I had experienced great pain and heartache. I didn’t want to go and refused. I immediately came out of the vision and was all too aware of ‘being back’ sitting in my chair. I then repented before the Lord and was truly sorry that I had refused Him. I knew that I had said ‘No!’ to the Lord in various ways before this but the blatant refusal in that moment was a little shocking to me. How dare I refuse God to His face? I certainly wasn’t being holy as He is holy.

I asked the Lord to take me soaring again and immediately I was flying above the clouds with Holy Spirit. Once again, He took me back down to the earth to that awful place. This time I went. He took me along the pathways, through the buildings, into each room and office and hallway where I had been. Then He took me up. Very quickly we were high above the earth and I could see Jesus standing in the distance holding a huge jar of liquid in one hand. I could see the details of the very large jar with a wide mouth and narrow shoulders. In the other hand he was holding what looked like a brown cloak which I knew would fit my shoulders perfectly. We drew near to Jesus very rapidly. It seems that there is no time or distance in the Spirit. It is not an effort. You think it and you are there. As we approached Jesus, I could see that the cloak was actually a huge, ugly scab; my wounds. The jar of liquid contained my tears, mostly unshed.

As I watched, He began to crumple up the scab in His hand like a flimsy piece of paper and as He did, it just vaporized; disappeared. He then put both hands around the jar and began to throw the tears upward out of the jar. As they rained down on me, they looked like gold stars which became elongated into more of a diamond shape as they fell to the firmament below our feet. I can’t describe it as ground because it isn’t even though there is a firmness that you can stand on. While I was busy observing all of this, Jesus took my hand and placed a huge diamond gemstone in my hand, closed my fingers around it, though they would hardly go that far, and then He kissed me on both cheeks. I was completely undone and dissolved into tears. It took me a while afterward to realize the kind of healing the Lord had ministered to me in that place. I was free of the pain and torment of that terrible time in my life. I was very aware of His awesome holiness and marveled at how I might measure up to that. What a deeply humbling experience!

As I sought after more visions, I found it was easier to enter in each time. Rather than sitting back and waiting for more visions to happen, I believe it is more pleasing to the Lord if we seek after them. He brought to mind the scripture verse in Deuteronomy 29:29 which states that “The secret things of God belong to God but the things that have been revealed belong to us and to our children forever.” I always assumed that meant that God has things we can never know because they are God’s secrets. Whereas, that may be true, God isn’t in the business of keeping things hidden from us. He opens up revelation to the true seekers. He wants us to seek Him and to seek after the knowledge of Him. As we do that, He opens up understanding of His secrets to us. Then they belong to us and to our children forever! His promises are “Yes, and Amen!” That also means that we are accountable then for what He has revealed so that we might obey all of His instructions.

That is a pretty awesome mandate but definitely relates back to His command that we ‘be holy even as He is holy.’ Scripture says that ‘without faith it is impossible to please God.’ I also believe that unless we choose to live a life that is holy and acceptable to God and walk in purity before Him, we cannot be pleasing to Him. We must be fully positioned in Him to see the signs, wonders and miracles that follow them who believe.

When we enter into visionary experience with God, we can ask Him things. We should always feel free to tell Him what’s on our mind. He knows it anyway. There is no hiding from Him. If we have learned anything from Adam and Eve it should be that we are naked before Him and cannot hide. God is also very patient and loving with His children. He does not want us to hide from Him. In fact, I believe it hurts Him a great deal when we seek to do so. He wants to show us the things of heaven. He wants us to see the colors of emerald around the throne, the reds, blues, purples and the pure gold and silver, the gemstones, the hues of pinks and purples in the Shekinah Glory of God, the angels around His throne. It is truly awesome to ‘see’ into heaven.


One response to “Be Holy Even As I Am Holy – Part Two

  1. Fran Wagner says:

    Loved your article, your writing puts with you in the story. Makes my faith stronger. Thanks cuz.

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